The Role Of Race And Ethnicity Essay

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The Role of Race In Romantic Attraction to Race in Intercultural Dating

Attraction is a popular field of study in psychology. In a mixed society that we exemplify today in America, it is common to see people of multiple races and ethnicities but what influences race and ethnicity have on everyday life such as it pertains to attraction is something that we are still discovering. Looking back in history, interracial communication and living is a new progression. Although the general population may not always consider how races and ethnicities play a role in our procreation and attraction to sexual partners, empirical evidence supports that race effects attraction (McClintock,& Murry, (2010). Observing how race effects attraction, and what effects individuals attraction to partners of a certain race is necessary because it gives more intellect on why we gravitate to certain people versus others, it can help show gaps in communication, point out ways to improve interracial collaboration (Johnson & Johnson, 1972), show how we segregate and if we are really a socially integrated society. More importantly research in this area has identified if race is an evident factor in human attraction or if other factors play a greater role in attraction (Bader & Krysan, 2015). Lastly, studying the effects of race on attraction could help us to find solutions to help aid diversity and promote cross-cultural communication, which is crucial for a rich society (West, Magee, Gordon & Gullett,…

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