The Role Of His Experience Of Global Faculty Community Professor Kurtz Answered

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When I asked about the role of his experience of global faculty community professor Kurtz answered “is everything.” He actually holds more communication with international faculty than the US faculty. This is mostly because he is writing a book about non-western thinkers and non-western sociological theory. “Western theory cannot and is not the only knowledge there is” Dr. Kurtz said (personal communication, May 3, 2016). Therefore, communication with international faculty is quite often. Lately, Dr. Kurtz does not write articles as much as before anymore, but he engages in co-authoring as a second author to help other starting scholars in getting publish under his supervision.
Dr. Kurtz’s international interaction really started while he was in graduate school at Yale University. A handful of his classmates were already international students, whose later on help him get connections to visit other countries to do research, as well as to be the invited speaker for different international conferences. All he had to do after graduation was to keep in touch with his scholar friends. Although many stayed in the US, some returned to their countries to later on act as the main connectors for him to participate in different international events. One of his greatest experiences was when he taught for a semester at the University of Delhi in India. “New Delhi city is in the northern area of India and I was able to witness the conflict of Northern Indians have with Pakistan and the…

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