The Role Of Female Anthoids On The World Essay

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Tourlough strolls through the vom and spills onto the lower pedestrian carrier streets of Nou Barri Gòtic—not glancing back at his atelier, just noting that his former workspace is a shadow on his back.

Close quarters and narrow alleys make him ponder the traffic he is part of and apart from. The phrase 'mostly human ' enters his mind. The mostly human crowd is composed of individuals that are mostly human, certain percentages of their body mass replaced with various synplants. Tourlough himself is in this category. Unlike most, more than 95 percent of him is the same rootstock species naturally selected on the endless plains of Earth.

Not so with Anthoids, the name itself alluding to a 'flowering of the human experience. ' Each body is grown and/or built to fulfill the fantasies of customers, imagination being nearly the only restriction. Some are privately owned, others leased, most remotely inhabited by waking or dreaming minds, human and synthetic, somewhere on Cartel.

Female anthoids famously have exaggerated sexual characteristics, oversized eyes, Medusa hair, reptilian tongues, or long expressive tails. Male versions range from lithe and effeminate to grotesque and monsterous. Some are ancient myths made real with modern technology: vampires, Hindu gods, and angels walking among us on their way to lunch.

Mechs assemble and reassemble into myriad form factors that fly, roll, walk, or locomote in other ways down these same corridors. Some are synthetically…

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