- the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Setting.

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Contents Page * The role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care setting. * Theories of communication
Interpersonal skills
Verbal language and examples
Non verbal language examples
Service user
Care provider

This report will cover the role and importance of effective communication. It will cover the meaning of communication and interpersonal skills. This is one of the tasks needed to get the voluntary worker job, because in order for health care providers to work with a diverse range of people they have to
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This then means that the patients will trust them and disclose important and private information that might then need to be relayed to doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other people that are involved in helping the service user to improve health wise. Whilst there are benefits to communication there are also consequences if communication fails for example, service user may not get the full service from the care providers leading to poor quality of care such as the service user being mistreated, misdiagnosed and abused. Moreover the service user may not trust the care provider to the extent of not disclosing important information to the care provider. On the other hand, important information may not be expressed to the care provider which means the care provider cannot relay information to doctors or nurses when their help is needed. This may cause further harm to the service user such as further injury, pain or even death. Verbal communication can be expressed by using different techniques such as open and closed questions, formal and informal language, clarity, reflection, volume, intonation, pronunciation, dialect and repetition. Open and closed questions have many advantages but also disadvantages. Advantages of closed questions | Disadvantages of closed questions | Allows service users to answer questions quickly and easily. | If the service user misinterprets the questions the care provider cannot tell as it is a one worded answer question. | Easier for

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