The Role Of Effective Communication And Interpersonal Interaction On A Health And Social Care Context

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P1 Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context.
Context: we have formal and informal communication
Informal communication occurs on a one-to-one basis, in a face-to-face manner. This also includes all the various methods of sending information or messages between people. Informal communication between professional and people using service includes planed meetings. When using informal communication between colleagues, you feel relaxed and eager to talk about many things, as there is no specific agenda to talk about. An informal piece of written communication can be as simple as a jotted note to a friend on a torn slip of paper.
Informal communication is also used to help put people straight forward. For example, an interview situation where an interviewer as to make a little small talk to help get clients to relax, feel welcome and open up verbally.
Formal communication is a communication that is “dressed up” to fit a regular rule and procedure. Between professionals formal writing should be in a written letter, with a specific layout and a specific format that includes the date, header, salutation, body of the letter, close, signature and lines. Between colleagues formal writing should be writing in letters, emails, memos, medical records, etc.
Formal communications are mostly written and can also include formal presentations that are on computer disk, video tape or DVDs, MP3 presentations and other…

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