Essay on The Role Of Appearances Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Caroline Lu
British Literature
Mr. Carlucci
18 December 2015
The Role of Appearances in Hamlet
“Hamlet”, William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, publishes around 1600, but it continues to fascinate viewers because of its special themes and complex characters. “Hamlet” tells the story of the Prince of Denmark, he finds out that his father, the king, had been murdered by his brother Claudius, who also marries the widowed queen, and claims the throne. In order to accomplish his revenge plan, prince Hamlet fakes madness, which helps him to hide his real intentions from his enemies in order to discover the truth about his father. Other characters also hide their real motivations, feelings and true temperaments under a shadow of appearance. Claudius’s darkness, Queen Gertrude and young Ophelia’s dishonest, his two best friends’ betray cause the tragedy happens. Fake appearance and dishonest destroy all the chances of a happy ending.
Hamlet’s enemy, Claudius, is a master of deceit, and his motivation is not noble, but on the contrary, he is a murderer and an immoral individual. He appears to be the best possible husband and step-father. He seems very concerned about the prince’s state. For example, he found Hamlet’s friends to enlighten Hamlet from madness: “so by your companies to draw him on to pleasures” (II, ii, ll 14-15); but actually Claudius puts a few undercovers around Hamlet: “And to gather so much as from occasion you may glean.” (II, ii, ll 15-16) His action seems…

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