Essay on The Road And No Country For Old Men

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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and No Country for Old Men deals with the concept of good versus evil very uniquely and different from each other. Sheriff Bell and the Father are trying their very best to maintain peace and balance in their chaotic environments. The idea of good versus evil is introduced in both these novels from the beginning, gradually this battle becomes clear cut both Sheriff Bell and the Father have to face it head on. In Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, Sheriff Bell experiences pure evil from the very beginning of the novel and that is when his testimony lands a nineteen-year-old boy in jail for killing his fourteen-year-old girlfriend; the boy is also making a clear admission that he has no soul. The lines between good and evil are obscure because each character follows a different set of rules than each other and each character sees their set of rules as being the correct way to live. Sheriff Bell saves himself from his own inevitable doom and is resigning as Sheriff because he can see that there is no place left for him in this current state. In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road on the other hand the battle between good versus evil is well defined, there are the “bad guys” who are cannibals and there are “good guys” who are not. The Father and his Son are journeying to where they believe there is life and that is the coast; on their journey, they have several interactions with the cannibals. In the face of adversity when the Son is losing his Father…

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