The Rise Of Violence And Violence Essay

1463 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Violence seems more widespread than ever, almost every day we hear about a shocking act of violence, whether it’s a terrorist bombing, a senseless school shooting, or a gruesome murder. However, much of our impression of this violent world we live in today comes from misleading media sources that distorts our views of reality. In this advanced technological era, it is nearly impossible to turn on the TV, access our phones, and browse the internet without hearing the 24-hour news cycle, amber alerts, and human rights violations. Lavish coverage of violence by reporters forces individuals to perceive as if the world and humanity is headed towards an unthinkable destruction. In this paper, just as Pinker did in chapters five through eight, I will also explain and argue the decline of violence throughout the centuries and the prospect of a less-violent society by using numerous evidence and statistical data. The spread of democracies, understanding the rule of law, ideals of non-violence, and components of human nature that can suppress violence, such as self-control, empathy, and reason, has decreased the role that violence play in human civilization, and will continue do to so 100 and 1000 years from now.
In chapters five through eight, Pinker uses statistical data from the two world wars, colonial wars, civil wars, and the rights revolutions to further support his claim that after a millennia of bloody violence, the world seems to be heading towards a much peaceful…

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