The Rise Of The Religious Right Essay

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The rise of the Religious right was a movement to incorporate religion further into the average American lifestyle. It marked the period of a religious awakening in the United States, heavily influenced and marketed by the Evangelical Jerry Falwell and Ronald Reagan, amongst other celebrities and activists. Many of these activists were unhappy with American society progressing towards the left—specifically on issues of civil rights, education, and the family unit. They gained many supporters through common ideals of religion and gender roles, and used clever marketing and tactics to contribute to the growth of support for their cause. The rise of Religious Right sought to make Christianity more prevalent in American society and politics. The land that became the United States of America was originally colonized as a safe haven for religious groups seeking refuge from oppressors in Europe. Following other countries, it is a common stigma to associate the politic, economic and sociological components of a country with religious morals. During the nineteenth and twentieth century, the civil rights movement was sparked to help push equality amongst all races, genders, sexualities, religious beliefs, etc. Some people were outraged by the civil rights movement. Many, including Carl McIntire, argued that aspects wanted out of civil rights went against word of God. According to McIntire, since the Bible states that man is responsible to God for his property, that putting human…

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