The Rise Of The Reformation Essay

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The Reformation was not bound to any one class, nor any one place in the world. Each man who led a following to change some aspect in the church was a step in the church’s transition to more modern ideals. The church was entering a time where change was occurring; people were beginning to think differently and express their opinions more. This all made the church vulnerable to verbal and physical attacks from different men in different countries; leading the Swiss Reformation, Hueldrich (Ulrich) Zwingli, was no exception. The point of the Reformation was to change parts of the church, bringing up new ideals even if they weren’t widely accepted, and that’s what Zwingli did. Zwingli supported the idea of “The Freedom of the Christian.” Worshiping as a Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, and others are different, but the true followers of each still live by the scriptures as they should. He was affecting the lives of many, almost criticizing the upper class who interpreted the scriptures to the meaning they wanted because they were educated and felt they had more free will. They would not be considered true Christians in Zwingli’s eyes. As always, the upper class wanted the control to choose what they liked and didn’t like from the scriptures, forming a religious gap between the upper and lower classes. Zwingli placed his attention mainly in the lower class, seeing them as more humble and holy because they don’t have much to offer besides their faith. At one point “Zwingli…

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