The Rise Of The Meritocracy Essay

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Nowadays media can portray any message to our daily life or any challenges we’re facing. Some can portray the message as motivation, and others can open our eyes to reality or even life. Regardless, media will always portray the message that has a connection to your life. In this class we got the opportunity to analyze” Finding Forrester, School Ties, and 3 Miles” and in all these of these movies, they all share a message about meritocracy. Meritocracy refers to a “social system in which individuals advance and earn rewards in direct proportion to their individual abilities and efforts. The term meritocracy was coined by British sociologist Michael Young (1915–2002) in his book, The Rise of the Meritocracy, 1870–2033: An Essay on Education and Equality (1958). The book is a satirical novel about a futuristic society in which elites and leaders ascend to positions of dominance and authority based on their scores on intelligence and effort tests (I + E = M, where I = intelligence, E = effort, and M = merit)” (Young, Michael, 2008). In Finding Forrester and School Ties the ideology of meritocracy is the traditionally believe of hard work pays off. On the other hand, in Three miles no so quiet, the message is portrayed that in life, hard work doesn’t always pay off, life is unfair. All these theories are essential because we can relate to the morals of each message. I can relate to all of them, as I experienced the reward of hard work when I received my first scholarship to…

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