The Rise Of The Civil War Essay

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For generations, historians have been grappling with what the exact cause was behind the Civil War. The two most common views among historians are vastly different in what they believe the cause was. Some historians, known as having an orthodox view, believe that inevitable factors caused the Civil War such as slavery. Other historians, known as having a revisionist view, believe that the Civil War could have been prevented and was contingent on certain events such as the election of Abraham Lincoln. The real cause, however, of the Civil War was the orthodox view that it was just inevitably going to happen since the creation of the United States due to slavery. Slavery has caused division in the United States since the country began. This division is because of economic reasons. The south was largely an agrarian culture, while in the north it was very much an industrial economy. However, the south was still very wealthy. “In 1860, southern planters still dominated the ranks of the United States ' economic elite, comprising three-fifths of the richest 1 percent of the country 's population.” This wealth was partially due to the high cotton price, but mostly caused by the free labor of slaves. Since the elite of the south relied heavily on slaves this drove most of the lower-class citizens to the north in search of a job and money. This is when the northern economy started to really boom. “The richest 5 percent of northern adults held more than half the region 's total…

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