The Rise Of Technology On Surgery Essay

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The Rise of Technology in Surgery

There was only 1,000 robotic surgeries being performed worldwide in 2000. That number rose to 360,000 in 2011, and 450,000 in 2012 (Pinkerton). In this day and age in society we are constantly looking for the newest and most productive technology to get tasks done faster. The introduction of surgical robots will revolutionize surgeries from the current way of treatment and provide benefits for both the surgeons and patients. Robotic machines in surgery has been the talk for decades, and it’s finally here and it is slowly starting to consume the industry.

Benefits for Patients
The introduction of surgical robots gives patients benefits that traditional surgeries cannot. With the use of robotic machines in surgery there is less blood loss, reduced post-surgery infection risks, less postoperative pain medication, and smaller post-surgery scars (Andrews). Due to smaller incisions during surgery, blood loss is minimal compared to traditional surgeries, and help to reduce the risk of infection, which is common with traditional surgeries. Because of the precision of the machine, the patients do not need as much post-surgery pain medicine. All of these benefits allow the patient to heal faster, thus having a reduced duration of hospital stay (Pinkerton). On average, patients leave the hospital 2 to 5 days sooner than patients who have undergone traditional open heart surgery; and can return to work and normal activity 50%…

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