Essay on The Rise Of Nationalism By Giuseppe Mazzini And Ernest Renan

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The 1800s saw the rise of nationalism throughout Europe and it led to the unification of the Italian and German states. Nationalism continues to play a role in European politics in the modern world and is one of the most important developments of the 1800s. Although nationalism played an important role in Europe in the 1800s, its definition varied and this variation would inspire different causes. The differences in the definition of nationalism given by Giuseppe Mazzini and Ernest Renan significantly impacted their respective countries of Italy and France in different ways. Mazzini and Renan exploited their definitions of nationalism to achieve specific goals. Comparing and contrasting their definitions provides an understanding of how nationalism was viewed in the 1800s and the goals, which those definitions in turn inspired. A nation in broad terms is a group of people with a common cultural and social identity. However, this definition is not nuanced enough to fully describe the term. Mazzini and Renan take this basic framework and add to it in order to form a fuller picture of the nation and inspire their audience to a common goal. Mazzini described the nation as being composed of a state and an association. The necessity of a state is stressed as Mazzini argues, “Your industrial associations and mutual help societies are useful as a means of educating and disciplining yourselves; as an economic fact they will remain barren until you have an Italy.” In addition, he…

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