Benito Mussolini Rise To Power Essay

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During the midst of World War I and the years following, Italy was in a very fragile state. This was especially surprising for the nation considering its previous super power status. The downfall was mostly due to a political system that was struggling immensely and because “National poverty, resource deficiencies, and scientific-industrial weakness, combined with inflexible commanders, plagued the Italian forces” (, 2009). The nation was in dire need of a strict new political system to gain some respect among other nations, this set the stage for fascist Benito Mussolini to come into military power under the acceptance of King Victor Emmanuel III. Mussolini always had a larger plan than military control, following in the steps of …show more content…
The regime was held together by strong state control and Mussolini 's cult of personality” (BBC, 2016). Using it as a way to give Italy and it’s people back the identity of being an all powerful Roman …show more content…
Similar to that of Napoleon of France in the late 19th century he substituted the monarchy with dictatorship, labelling himself El Duce. The two used their ability to conquer countries and their people’s fears to advance in power, threatening countries across Europe with their radical idea of not following monarchs. With such glorification of battle there were clearly negative aspects, but the brighter side being that he was able to ally all of Italy together under an unethical yet solidified government, rather than having everyone fighting over their different views and opinions on the current monarch, or previously King Emmanuel. He temporarily brought Italy’s economy into a slightly more stable position, using a “two-fold approach: attacking the power of the trade unions and therefore controlling the workers, and setting Italy targets as he had with his Battle for Births” (Trueman, 2015) for he knew this was the only way to show that a fascist government could keep up with the likes of Britain and France. This was as good as it got under his rule, working fairly well until Mussolini decided Italy would participate in WWII. Where his views then became divided between focusing on military strategy and keeping up with his political duties. Having two things to focus on split concentration of the situation and he allowed Italy to fall to its previous state and

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