Essay about The Ring Of Fire And Seismic Activity

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The Ring of Fire is a string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity around the edges of the Pacific Ocean; this is where three-fourths of Earth’s volcanoes occur. Sadly, over the last two hundred years these disasters have claimed over one million lives. The Ring of Fire stretches 2500 miles from South America along America’s northwest coast to Alaska and then down through Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia and all the way to New Zealand. Volcanoes are extremely dangerous and scientists are on the search to try and figure out what causes them to erupt. For example, in August 1833, a volcano irrupted creating the loudest sound ever recorded in history. In May 1980, Mt. St. Helen caused one billion dollars of damage. Seventy-five percent of all volcanoes are in Alaska, making it a perfect laboratory and research field for volcanologist. Scientists must figure out how the giant Ring of Fire volcanoes form. A scientist named Dr. Ball is shown in the video climbing up the the side of one of the lava flows. She describes the difference in lava. For example, Hawaii volcano lava is runny, like honey is. More blocky type lava is going to be a lot more like peanut butter, as the viscosity is much greater. The viscosity of lava is determined by the amount of silica it contains. Silica is the most abundance mineral in the Earth’s crust. The more silica, the thicker the lava is going to be. The Ring of Fire lava contains a large amount of silica; therefore, making it sticky and less…

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