The Rights Of The Civil War Essays

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Before the Civil War, black people were treated as if they were not worth much at all and everyone seemed to care about the color of a person rather than who the person was on the inside. After the Civil War there was a slight change in behavior of white people, but it was not enough to say blacks and whites were treated equally. Every person deserves to have the same rights as another, but unfortunately that is not how the society has grown to look at each individual (“The Legal Status”).
There are specific rights every American has today that have been around since the Civil War, but before the war black people did not have the same privileges. One example is the right to vote. The 15th Amendment of the Constitution states that a person cannot be denied the right to vote based on race or color; but in the South, the government was able to find a way to disregard this law and deny people of voting (“The Legal Status”). “In 1965, only 25 percent of all black adults in the South were registered to vote as compared to 65 percent of all white adults” (“The Legal Status”).
During the segregation period in history, “the southern states passed a series of laws known as Jim Crow laws” (“Black Peoples of America”). Jim Crow was a character in a song that was later revived by a comedian to make fun of black people. Once the new songs became known, people in the southern states decided to continue to use the name Jim Crow in a negative way by naming new laws after him (“Black…

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