The Rights Of The American Citizens Essay

1091 Words Dec 5th, 2015 null Page
The people of the past were very conservative families. We had the right to own a firearm in America. The liberals of the world will do whatever it takes to make guns obsolete in our country. They are really pushing to ban handguns in America. They say that these firearms are to easily conceal. They say that they are too easily brought in close proximities to their families. Liberals state that thousands of citizens die from firearm related deaths every year. In forty-three states the right for firearm self defense is legal. These states believe that the right to bear arms holds true in America and people can protect themselves.
The American citizens should always have this thought in mind. Has it been lost in the minds of Americans that we have the Second Amendment right? If fellow Americans have lost the acknowledgement that this amendment states we Americans have the right to bear arms. The government is trying to invert the thoughts of federal laws that all citizens obtain. It makes me feel disgusted that the government is going against all things our fore fathers believed in. Our fore fathers broke away from Great Britain because they thought their rights were being denied. Now hundred years later the government is trying to take those rights away.
Many Americans aren’t trying to fight the government because we care so much about our firearms. The reason for the rebellion is because we fight for what we have. If the nation took our rights away, what would us as…

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