The Rights Of Human Rights Essay

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Human Rights
People around the world are getting treated unfairly for their race, ethnicity, gender, and religion and this needs to be stopped. Human rights are entitled to all living people on the earth no matter who they are. Some people invade others rights by discriminating them. People discriminate others because they feel they have more power over them or feel that they had been born superior over others. While some people are treating others unfairly many group sand governments across the globe are trying to restore human rights to everyone.
Throughout history there have been many incidents when the rights of humans have been violated. For example, for hundreds of years during the Transatlantic Slave trade millions of Africans were enslaved and sold to owners.These slaves’ rights were taken away from them and they could not control what happened to them.Another incident was in the early 1940s during WWII when hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed because of their religion. One of the more recent case of discrimination against a certain group of people was in the 1950s and 60s. The discrimination was aimed at African-Americans. They did not have all of the rights as whites. This type of discrimination was a global problem then as much as it is now.
Today in many places around the word human rights are being violated. One way rights are being violated is through human trafficking. People that feel superior over others will take control over people and making them…

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