The Rights And Freedoms Of Aboriginal People Essay

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The rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people changed significantly between the years 1945 and 2000. The right and freedoms of Aboriginal people have changed massively due to the fact of some policies such as the policy of Assimilation, The policy of Integration and The Mabo Decision.
The Assimilation policy, a government policy in place circa 1937 to 1965 that aimed to ‘absorb’ Aboriginal people into ‘white society. It was the beginning of the integration of Aboriginals and the other people of Australia. The Stolen Generations was were a feature of the assimilation policy which saw thousands of children forcibly removed from their homes. Most of the children were placed in institutions and some were adopted into white people’s homes. But reserves and missions were slowly shut down and Aboriginals were allowed to move to towns and cities, as long as they gave up their culture and religious beliefs. But however, most people would not of employ or house Aboriginals, so Aboriginals had to live on the outskirts as “fringe dwellers”. This policy cause the Aboriginals to live in poverty and be the victims of discrimination. As a consequence, the policy of assimilation continued to change the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people.
The rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people continued to change as Assimilation was replaced by the policy of Integration in 1965. Integration meant that many Aboriginals still kept their cultural and spiritual beliefs, but others lived in poverty, not…

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