The Rights And Freedoms Of Aboriginal People Essay

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Explain how the Freedom Rides in the U.S. impacted upon the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal peoples in Australia.
The 1960’s was a time of change in social and political dynamics in the US and Australia. It was the time when Australia introduced new government policies towards indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. However, these government policies ironically caused widespread discontent which provoked a protest by a group of activists, riding inter-state buses to towns that were strong in segregation and racial intolerance. This was known as the Freedom Ride. It was a significant time in Australia’s history which makes it imperative to explore the origin of the idea. This essay will examine the Freedom Rides in the US, Charles Perkins and the establishment of Land Rights and Native Title, which collectively impacted upon the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal people in Australia.
In the US, race issues became prominent, particularly after two Supreme Court cases which highlighted segregation issues on interstate buses. Race issues denied access for African-Americans to opportunities such as housing, education, health, employment and transportation, along with certain services and facilities. Such court cases were Irene Morgan v. Commonwealth of Virginia (1946) and Boynton v. Virginia (1960). The Irene Morgan case convicted an African-American woman for violating a state law on segregation as she refused to give up her seat on an interstate bus. Similarly, the Boynton…

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