The Reyes ' West Coast World Martial Arts School Essay

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To survey the Reyes’ West Coast World Martial Arts school the assessors must understand the goals, purposes, and objectives of their program in depth; this will facilitate them to formulate relevant questions relative to elements of the program. Questions must be passable for the respondents to capably respond with self-confidence and esteem. An additional instrument that can be used for formative evaluation to assess learners is the “Socratic questioning” which drives the learners to develop critical thinking trough questionnaires. According to Cheri (2015) the Socratic questions can build a robust and synergistic learning milieu. The assessors need to implement relevant questionnaires to the program when assessing for validity. Consequently, researchers strive to create easily understood surveys that allow respondents to easily and concretely present their opinions (Garcia, 2011). To facilitate respondents’ comprehensibility, when designing questions, wording should be clear and simple and readily understandable by any responder (Converse & Presser, 1988, p. 9). Declaration from Salant and Dillman (1994, p. 77) states that emotionally and biased questions affect survey’s credibility and make responses to the question useless. The design of posed questionnaires should determine the validity of the survey (Capanelli, 1996). Repetitive questions and consistency in responses allow the determination for reliability. When assessing for a program evaluation, ensuring…

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