Recording Innovations In The Mid-1960s: Music Analysis

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Recording innovations in the mid-1960s rerouted the expectations of musical composition. The Beatles were famous for constantly revolutionizing the music industry in unimaginable fashions. On August 5, 1966, Revolver was released in the United Kingdom (The Beatles Bible, 2015). The album’s experimentation and creativity reached a level that not even The Beatles could have anticipated. What musical ingenuities propelled Revolver to become one of the greatest albums of all time? The Beatles toured all over the world from the early to mid-1960s. Their diverse experiences undoubtedly transformed them into who they had become. By 1966, however, the piercing screams and grueling nature of life on the road had caught up to them. On August 29, 1966, …show more content…
He spent an entire three months working on this song. Paul would later confirm that the song was an ode to marijuana. An outbursts of horns jumpstarts the track, shortly followed by Paul’s voice (Gould, 2007). Like the bass sound in “Paperback Writer,” the song has a Motown influence. A distinctive trio of trumpets and a pair of saxophones are an element The Beatles had never previously experimented with, but perfectly implemented into this upbeat song (The Beatles, 2015). As in “Eleanor Rigby,” the close miking idea was used. Although the concept was similar, the fashion in which it was recorded was different. Rather than putting the microphones very close to the instruments, they were put in the bells of the horns. Critics argue that the volume of the horns was too overpowering, because the guitar and piano were omitted for most of the song. The electric guitar finally barges into the song toward the end (Gould, 2007). Regardless of the controversy, I believe McCartney’s powerful voice makes up for this “mistake.” An overdubbed tambourine and organ also play a backing role, like in other Revolver tracks (The Beatles Bible, 2015). Also similar to other songs, the lead vocals used Townsend’s double-tracking technology. I believe the end result is astonishing. The Motown influence combined with several other effective techniques showed the marvelous creativity of The

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