Essay about The Revolution : The American Revolution

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On April 19, 1775, a confrontation between British troops and a local patriot militia in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts ignited a revolution: The American Revolution. Once the first shots were fired, they were heard around the world; the American Revolution kindled a spirit of world-wide autonomy. Even though the American Revolution was not a normal revolution because it did not lead to a total destruction of a current society, the American Revolution was insurgent and radical because of the change in government, transformation of the terms and quality of life, and independence ignition sparked around the world. The American Revolution was a social, economic, and global revolution. The British colonists were governed under an English monarch, along with Parliament’s taxes, rules, and regulations. Even though the English controlled the colonies, colonists had local governments, which were usually run by monarch-appointed governors. There were three colony types in the North American British colonies: proprietary, royal, and charter. Proprietary colonies were “territories granted by the English Crown to one or more proprietors who had full governing rights.” (1) The monarch reviewed and watched over the proprietors and colonies to make sure they were running smoothly and there were no illegal or corrupt activities. Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania were proprietary colonies. Royal colonies were ruled by officials appointed by the monarch of Britain. A royal colony…

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