The Revolution Of The Soviet Revolution Essay

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There was, however, an attempt to bring the Romanovs back to their rightful place on the Russian throne, a revolt of which your father and I chose to keep secret from you and your siblings. The letters from members of the Constitutional Democratic Party had been piling up, each one mentioning a plan to rid Russia of the Bolsheviks. The revolt had finally come in 1917 at the hands of General Lavr Kornilov with a mission to end the revolution and bring our family, primarily Nicholas, back to Russia to rule as czar. Devastatingly, Lenin and the Bolsheviks had won with their Red Army, and my dreams of returning to Russia were crushed once again. Over the years I grew more and more disgusted by Lenin’s success and I felt horribly for the Russian people who had been betrayed by him, especially after his signing of the Treaty of Brest Litvosk with Germany. This was not the end of the conflict with Lenin, there was much that I had refrained from telling you, but now I can inform you of what Lenin had done to our home. His rule had sparked a civil war from 1917-1920, a war in which the United States even fought in, on the side of the White Army, and during that time I was very hopeful that the end of Lenin would come soon, as I started to realize that my own demise was looming near.
This was when you escaped. My child, you are so brilliant and made the best decision of your life to flee from Siberia. Nevertheless, every step I took up to the site of my execution was heavy,…

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