Essay about The Revolution Of The British Empire

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Long before any blood was shed in the Revolution, Americans were establishing ideas in their minds concerning breaking away from the British Empire. As early as 1774, the Colonists met in the First Continental Congress in response to the British taxation and limitation of Colonial Representative Government. As stated by Benjamin Franklin in his draft of a resolution for the congress, “there is a manifest defect in the constitution of the British Empire in respect to the government of the colonies upon those principles of liberty which form an essential part of that constitution.” Franklin demonstrated that the colonists, before any fighting began, already had the idea in their minds that the existing government was failing to preserve their rights as British citizens. In response to this failure, the colonists determined to place a ban on trade with Britain. By the time this occurred, many colonists were already preparing for war with the Empire. Fighting began on April 19, 1775 when hundreds of British troops marched on Concord and Lexington Massachusetts; however, this was an act taken in response to the change of ideas in the minds of the American people. The idea of liberty far preceded the “shot heard round the world” that was fired between the Minutemen of Massachusetts and the British soldiers. The Americans finally culminated their ideas of liberty into the Declaration of Independence. The document clearly expresses, concerning the people, that after the government…

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