The Revolution And The Post Socialist Conceptual Art Essay

1886 Words Oct 11th, 2016 8 Pages
In this essay I wish to juxtapose the art of the revolution and the post-socialist conceptual art, born out of a series of movements, that emerged in indirect, and sometimes overtly direct response to it. '

We will see art become one of the only spaces where critique of the government can sneak through uncensored due to the artists genius tricks.

This is extremely relevant due to the "transition" period Cuba is presently undergoing. Though still technically socialist countries, both Cuba and China are moving toward captialism.
There is one, an issue of erasure that arises. What can be done with the communist propaganda that lines many walls, etc? The two most immediate options include destroying them as the TURKS did with… (pg.26 hole) or to keep the.

We will be viewing works soaked in post-socialist cynicism, at times defiantly loud and sometimes deceptively subtle. The artist who engaged in such critical inquiries often faced severe consequences, marginalization, excommunication, prison.

Due to socialism 's dominating theme of suspicion, every step beyond conventions meant treason in relation to the party and the nation.

I will compare the likenesses of Che and Camilo, displayed in the Revolutionary plaza, where ,made when by who, commissioned by etc to the more cynical uses of text and imagery by conceptual artist of the late 80 's.

The relationship between the state and art and culture is a delicate and complicated one. Though annoyingly defiant and even…

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