The Revolt Of The Colonies Essays

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Revolutionary Literature was a key part in the beginning of the revolt of the Colonies towards England. In this type of literature, one could find many examples of why the colonies should part and fight the war. Thomas Paine and Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur were two of writers that contributed the most to this cause. Paine wrote pamphlets; Crevecoeur, essays. Through their writings, people in both America and Europe were convinced that the Colonies deserved their independence, and their writings helped achieve this dream. Though they had their differences, Paine and Crevecoeur’s contribution to this era of literature can best be explained through their biographies, their influences, and their topics. Paine had a hard life starting out. In England, he did not stay in school and could not hold a job whether it be a sailor, corset maker, or a tax collector (Commager 16). Luckily for Paine, he met Benjamin Franklin in England who convinced him to move to the New World (17). When Paine arrived, the country was on the edge of revolting against England. Paine believed that the colonies should revolt and he wrote the pamphlet Common Sense to help persuade the colonists that revolution was the right course of action (Johnson 85). The book was a massive success. Johnson stated that, “Within three months, Common Sense had sold 120,000 copies, and it has been widely reprinted ever since” not just in America but throughout the world (Johnson 85, Commager 18). “In no time at all…

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