The Restriction: The Importance Of Abortion

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Did you know millions of innocent children are dying each year? Abortion started about 42 years ago by the U.S. Supreme court. Soon enough to millions of women it has become almost meaningless. I don 't see how that many women can get an abortion and not care about them. After 6 weeks of having a baby they have a heartbeat and they can feel everything. Abortion is a serious subject now days. People argue about killing millions of kids, then some people argue about abortion being a good thing. Although abortion been going on a long time, there’s a program that would help it. Many states are keeping people from doing abortions. The Supreme court said “Yet the right to an abortion guaranteed 42 years ago by the u.s. supreme court- has been saddled with so many amorous structures in so many states that for millions of women, It has become almost meaningless” (“States’ Abortion Restriction”pg. 1) It 's important because it tells you how many years it 's been going on and many people think it 's been not going on for awhile but in reality it really has. There 's been a lot of people who just want one thing but don 't want to take the responsibilities for the baby. And they may not know how much it hurts the baby when they 're doing it. There 's so many methods out there that 's it 's crazy and to think that millions of women in so many states becomes almost meaningless that 's pretty sad. People have there own opinion about abortion some people think it’s a good thing and that they don 't feel it and that they don 't need to be a parent. Then there 's some people who thinks …show more content…
A Lot of kids are still dying but not that much anymore. There is still people who argue about abortion being a good thing and a bad thing. They talked about long it 's been going on. How many lives been saved and when is it all going to be banned. A Lot of innocent children are dying each year. Will you help the innocent children have a future for their

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