The Responsibility Of The Corporate Executive Essay

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The responsibility of the corporate executive lies in maintaining skilled standards inside the company he is over. He’s primarily answerable to the local community. He’s additionally accountable his shareholders and everything that 's related to the company. It’s his responsibility as corporate executive to place policies and practices in motion to keep up the integrity of the company. It’s by the integrity of the company that the business can succeed and stay open. The laws in effect are often summarized to the corporate executive being accountable for the exercise of the powers and duties of the corporation that aren 't overseen by the board. The corporate executive additionally ought to be accountable for all personnel within the company aside from the people that are above him. The laws ought to also state that the corporate executive ought to have influence over himself besides just the board. Corporate executives tend to have so much power that it becomes hard to understand which lines shouldn’t be crossed. Once this happens, corporations sometimes bear large scandals and suffer through the loss of some business. The corporate executive will have to answer for a number of the choices he makes by the board. The board helps the corporate executive to make the major choices that the company must make. The day to day choices are made from the highest point of the pyramid and carried out till the lowest point of the pyramid. Some examples of implementation…

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