The Responsibilities Of Raising A Child Essay

992 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Having a child is true blessing for anyone now raising them is another story. The responsibilities of raising a child is a tremendous job entailing costs, ethic responsibility and stable home environment. People need to remember a child is their responsibility from the day they are born until they are eighteen years old which includes providing both necessities of physical and psychological needs. Environment during upbringing is a tremendous influence on a child psychological state of mind and displayed in actions as they grow up. The responsibilities should not be taken lightly as they are raising someone who needs to survive in society.
The cost of children now days has increased from the clothing to the toys. Toys have changed from simple dolls and stuff animals to electronics of all kinds for example tablets, laptops and educational learning tools at a young age. Toys like mechanical bikes at young ages is another example. Once the child starts to grow up cell phones and computers become the new interest. The clothing has increased especially for name brands even simple clothing at Walmart can add up compare to prior years and continues to rise each year. Parents are forced to be diligent in finding all the sales they can or drive to outlets for more affordable clothes. At young ages finding clothes is a little easier due to the child not knowing there are name brands yet as they grow up children will cry about wanting the name brands. Higher costs of raising children…

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