The Republic Of The Dominican Republic Essay

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The Dominican Republic has been under a series of dictators, the last being Trujillo. The unfairness of society in the Dominican Republic was propagated by all the Dominican Republic dictators, but the cruelest period was under Trujillo 's rule. Trujillo is oppressive, power-hungry, and a strong manipulator of the people. He got into power by kicking the current president out of office and claiming the presidency. The citizens of the Dominican Republic have all tried to bring about social change in the government but all their attempts failed because their motivation was not strong enough for them to succeed. Trujillo’s regime, however, tyrannized the citizens to such an extent that the people created an Underground Railroad and had a mindset that they would get rid of Trujillo as if it was a matter of life and death. Trujillo’s actions oppressing citizens bring about social change because they get people unhappy with the status quo, giving them a reason for change in the government.

Trujillo’s regime oppresses women and does not give them equal rights to men, causing Minerva and other women to stand up against him because they are able to empathize with what women in society are going through. It is a social norm in society for men to be in charge, and it “[is] inconceivable for a political movement made up mostly of men to be led by a woman” (Minou Speech). Even though Minerva started the revolution and played an important role in liberating the people, she wasn’t viewed…

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