The Representation Of Identity Formation Essay

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Narratives are lenses into particular timeframes that democratizes the voices in literature and demystifies the hegemonic narratives in literature. Narratives from Latinx authors are vehicles for personal growth that can produce learning, ethnic validation, and understanding which encourage solidarity among different communities (Vasquez, 2005). Studying Sandra Cisneros and Reyna Grande’s works as testimonies as they narrate their identity journeys in their non-fictional work and the realness of their creative writings give us data of two different examples of identity formation. For this reason, I use a qualitative methodology with a literature approach study allows me to focus specifically on both the autobiographical and fictional narratives of Cisneros and Grande. Narrative testimonies especially autobiographical works offer a glimpse into liminality and cultural negotiation of Latinx minorities living in this country. My research explores identity formation as represented in Cisneros and Grande’s work. Instead of conducting individual interviews or focus groups this research specifically profoundly analyze the representation of identity formation in literature. This approach allows the depth analysis of a particular representation of the identity construction of both the author and her fictional portrayal. A qualitative approach provides complex textual descriptions that are necessary to identify the complexities of identity formation.
In addition, this study uses a…

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