The Rembrandt 's The Three Trees Essay example

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With religion and personal emotion being expressed, Rembrandt’s The Three Trees has more to offer than a simple Dutch landscape. The three trees are the main attraction of this piece and convey a religious message inspired by Rembrandt’s environment. Rembrandt relies on a unique method of creating dramatic lighting to subtly express his feelings and direct the viewer’s eye within the piece. What is most interesting about this etching is how humans are used in this piece, the human figures in the etching express an emotional message that requires the viewer to know part of Rembrandt’s life to fully appreciate. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn expresses his current emotions influenced by Dutch society and events in his personal life by using religious motifs, human figures and lighting in Rembrandt’s The Three Trees.
The three trees which are placed as the main focus of the etching symbolize the Christian Holy Trinity. When viewing this piece, the viewer will likely notice the trio of trees that are isolated from the flat fields in the background. This isolation is meant to emphasize the symbolism of this visual element. The trio of trees symbolize the Trinity because it is freestanding and placed elevated on a hill above all other signs of life. This can be seen as being “above” humanity metaphorically. The Trinity is an important concept because it is the Christian method of coping with the existence of God and Jesus simultaneously. The Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy…

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