The Religious Beliefs Of Christianity: God's Religion

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Christianity: God’s Truth
Two thousand years ago, Christianity was created. Twenty centuries later, Christianity is still practiced and observed around the world. The believers of this religion still hold and practice the fundamental Christian truths, and in this modern day and age Christian religion is predominant in society. Christianity has persisted as a religion over the course of thousands of years because of its people’s devotion to their beliefs, devotion to its teachings and principles, and their rituals.
In Robert Bellah’s Religious Evolution religious belief is defined as a set of symbolic forms and acts which relate man to the complex forms of his existence in his constantly evolving world. Religious belief serves the purpose of connecting one to god and one’s own spirituality, so that one can find their place in the rapidly evolving world, and as religion evolves with time religious belief will always stay constant. The followers of the Christian faith have remained consistent with their beliefs since the
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For John, Jesus’s miracles are not simply wonders to astonish onlookers, but signs pointing to his glory that come from the presence of God within him. Throughout the Gospel, John describes Jesus as the son of God, and speaks of Jesus giving his followers power to become children of God-descent from God is an attitude of faith and a gift of grace. This idea, that followers can achieve greatness from their belief in Jesus, is what has caused Christianity to persist as a religion. Followers have stayed faithful to the teachings and lessons of the religion, because they believe and know that it will bring them greatness and allow them to achieve miracles, just as Jesus did. The Christian devotion to Jesus’s teachings is what has allowed them to continue and persist as a religion over the course of thousands of

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