The Religious Belief Of Christianity Essay

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In religion 101, I went through and learned about a plethora of religions and their religious ways. A lot were very similar and a lot we 're very different. To start off I will start talking about the religious belief of Christianity. To Christians, God is their savior, and he can absolve all sins. It is said in this belief and also in Judaism that God created the world in just 7 days, and man further after that. He created man from elements of the earth and woman from the man’s rib; this is said in both Christianity and Judaism.
I think the problem of life in Christianity is sinning, and the solution is to follow the ten commandments and be a follower of Jesus christ and spread his belief. Heaven and hell is the afterlife of Christianity depending on which if you were forgiven for your sins. Judaism is very similar the problem in life is evil and suffering for them, and to fix that problem you must absolve yourself from your sins and ask God for forgiveness. Heaven and Hell is also present in Judaism. Jews, Christians, and Islam people all believe and worship one God and have written beliefs. God in Islam belief is Allah. Islam is very similar to Christianity, they only believe and worship one God. The afterlife for islamic people is “paradise” or hell. Allah determines what afterlife you receive based on your actions in life. The problem in Islam is much like Christianity and Judaism is suffering and evil. In Islam they call it the jihad, to solve that problem they do…

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