Essay about The Religions Of Judaism And Christianity

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One of the most characteristic factors of the traditional religions of Judaism and Christianity is the fact they are monotheistic, meaning followers acknowledge one God. Historically, monotheism came to be through the religion of Abraham and the religion of ancient Israel. It is important to note, that while the religion of Israel worshipped the clan God, “God of the Father” also known as “Yahweh, they also worshipped fertility gods, Ba’al and Asherah (Ludwig, 2006, (p. 367). Initially, Israelis believed Yahweh could only be worshipped within the land of Israel. “The prophet Isaiah saw the invading armies of the Assyrians as Yahweh’s rod of anger sent against the Israelites” (p.368). Visions of such prophets persuaded followers to see God not as a tribal God who is equal to human beings, but rather, God has universal power. This belief is not only held by Jews but also Christians and Muslims.
Looking more in depth into the beliefs of Jews, followers of the religion have recited what is known as the Shema twice a day. The reciting of Deuteronomy 6:4 is held with much pride. In fact, “nothing in Jewish life is hallowed than the saying of these words” (p.368). Many view these words as a theological assertion of God’s unity. This fundamental theological belief should be considered the foundation of the Jewish religious, as Jews do not hold a systematic theology, but rather, acknowledge a monotheistic God through worship and daily life. Jews also view God as transcendent and as…

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