The Religion Of Sociological Perspective By Keith A. Roberts And David Yamane

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The topic that I am interest in is how genders are treated different in certain religion. This topic can be find in chapter eleven on page 276 in the textbook called “Religion in Sociological Perspective” by Keith A. Roberts and David Yamane, the textbook is the 6th edition. In this topic I will talk about how a men and a women is treated different and not as equal in different religion. The two religion I will be talking about is Christianity and Buddhism. The reason why I pick this topic is because I feel that women are not treated the same as men. In some religions the high power or the person they wordship or fellow is a men. There are very few people that believe that a women can have higher power or be the high power. This topic important because too many people are blinded by what they believe to be true and treat another different because of it. The thing that we can learn from this topic is that not everyone is treated equally. There are some people that believe they are more superior to other and religion can make that person ego to grow. In the article “Religion and Gender Equality” from Westminster Faith Debates they ask an ask “Is it right for religions to treat men and women differently?” In this article they talk about how they feel about being treated different from one another and gives statistics to support their answers. In the article “The Bible Is Crystal Clear on Gender Equality” by Faith Street, they use the bible to example why men had more…

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