Essay on The Religion Of Buddhism By Dustin Lowe

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by Dustin Lowe
3rd Period

In this paper, I will be covering the religion of Buddhism. I will talk about the origins and who created it, beliefs, the Four Noble Truths, 5 Percepts, Karma, the “extremes”, and teachings, and the similarities and differences to Christianity.

First off, I want to talk about the origins of Buddhism. Buddhism originated about 2,500 years ago by a man named Siddhartha Gotama. Gotama was born in Lumbini (Nepal) in about 563 BC. At the ripe age of 29, he realized that money doesn’t equal happiness, despite being born into a wealthy family. He was “awakened” at the age of 35, and decided to share his experience with others. He later explored religions and philosophies to find the key of happiness, and after six years, he found the middle path. After this, he spent his life teaching the Dhamma (Truth). In about 483 BC, Siddhartha Gotama died at the age of 80. He would be remembered as a man who taught a path of enlightenment. After his death, a statue was made of him, which people do not worship, however, they pay respects toward. The statue reminds people to develop peace and love within ourselves. The root word of Buddhism, budhi, means, “to awaken”. For the most part, Buddhism is more of a philosophy, rather than a religion. Eventually, Buddhism spread from Lumbini, and spread all around the world, and now has an estimated 300 million followers.

Now, I will discuss some beliefs. Buddhism is believed…

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