The Relationship Between Public And The Choice Of Self Employment And Entrepreneurship Among Black Americans

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When looking at research relating to race and trust in government, Sociologist Price (2012) explores the relationship between perceived trust in Government and the choice of self-employment and entrepreneurship among Black Americans. In doing so, he explores the relationship of greater trust in the federal government among those self-employed. The theoretical framework lay with the notion that social capital, defined in this instance as self-employment, roots trust in government stemming from a greater belief that the government evens the playing field through the use of the legal system, particularly concerning anti-discrimination laws. In sociological terms social capital is defined as bonds and status within a community, however in this sense Price uses self-employment as the indicator of that status for social capital within the community. Using this framework, Price equates greater income at the individual level with greater the trust in federal government. The General Sociological Survey is used as the source for data, analyzing questions asked of a large sample of Black Americans on a variety of topics in order to get a clearer picture of the demographic. Included in the questions were identifying the birth nationality, level of education, parental education level, and employment status, the respondent’s age, region of residence and self-employment status.

Price’s general findings were that younger Black Americans in the southeast United States that are…

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