The Relationship Between Munster Community Healthcare System Essay

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The two firms that will be compared are Munster Community Healthcare System located in Munster, Hobart and East Chicago, Indiana and Franciscan Alliance Northern Indiana Region facilities located in Munster, Dyer and Hammond, Indiana. These are two large not-for-profit integrated healthcare delivery systems that serve the population of Lake County Indiana. Both Systems serve a large geographical area that had a diverse economical make-up. The strategic similarities between the two systems start with they both are committed to providing the community with the high quality care in the most cost-effective manner, while respecting the dignity of the individual, providing for the well-being of the community, and servicing the need of all people including the poor and disadvantage(Truven 2012). In addition, both systems feel that through integration they can capitalize on the opportunities to increase overall growth, improve operating efficiency, and provide better clinical outcomes by developing best practice initiatives across their campuses. A growth and diversification strategy both systems share is the initiative to employ a significant amount of physicians in order to expand the ambulatory service offering. The infrastructure and size of each of these Systems are also similar. Both Systems have approximately the same number of patient beds and employ the roughly 3000 individuals. Epic is the electronic health record utilized by both…

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