The Relationship Between Henry And Catherine Essay

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Does Frederic Henry love Catherine?
Relationships can be defined multiple ways on the basis of various principles and circumstances, and the relation between Henry and Catherine is not an exception. “A factor analysis (Aron & Westbay, 1986) of Fehr’s 68 features uncovered three underlying dimensions of love that the researcher labeled ; intimacy, commitment and passion” (Kazdin 83). Kazdin explains that intimacy means free to talk about anything, honesty, openness and understanding, commitment means devotion, protectiveness, commitment, putting the other first and sacrifice and passion means euphoria, excitement, heart rate increases, sex appeal and sexual passion. Different critics have their own insights and opinions about the relation between Henry and Catherine. The topic is definitely relevant because without knowing the relation between Henry and Catherine it is impossible to fully understand the novel. The major business here is to define the relationship between Henry and Catherine on the basis of the characteristics of love and justify the point. Here, the very arguments are : does Henry love Catherine? How the relation initiates? Why Henry wants Catherine? In the history, most of the feminist critics denied the relation as love. In the contrary, some romantic critics did believe the relation as love.
When we analyze the characteristics of Henry we find him as a liar. He tells Catherine he loves Catherine before he really does. It means their relation lacks…

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