The Relationship Between Bmi And Sex On Influence Of Parents Regarding The Fatness Of Their Children

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This article examines the relationship between BMI and sex on the influence of parents concerning the fatness of their children. The authors state that the BMI of a mother and her daughter correlate, while similarly the BMI of a father and his son are interdependent on one another. Their explanation for this phenomenon is that for children, their same-sex parent may be acting as a role model for them. This source is not credible and lacks of supportive evidence. It doesn 't explain why a child would be influenced by the environment and eating patterns within a family from the same-sex only. The claims appear to be dubious because the correlation between them seems like complete nonsense.
This article is not useful because even though, obese parents are more likely to have obese children, their input of gender does not seem to be a probable explanation to why some children are obese. Such claims make it seem as if the BMI of obese parents designates the BMI of obese children as long as the genders are the same, which clearly does not make sense.
Perkes, C. (2015, October 7). Filmmaker gains 22 pounds eating 'perceived health foods most parents would give their kids ' Retrieved from south-florida-parenting/health/sfp-filmmaker-gains-22-pounds-eating-perceived-health- foods-most-parents-would-give-their-kids-20151007-story.html
In this article, Courtney Perkes expands on the reality of healthy foods that most parents give to their…

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