Binge Drinking Literature Review


Research Topic:
1) Background / Idea development
1a) Literature Search
The research topic I chose is binge drinking, I used three words which include psychological distress, social norms and personality to predict binge drinking because I think these words are highly related to the research topic. The first one I chose is psychological distress because I think people in stress are more likely to get drunk. The second one is social norms, which measures the perceived subjective and descriptive norms by family members and peers. I think others’ opinions will influence our drinking behaviour. The third one is personality, I believe extroverted people consume more than introverted
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‘More specifically, it was found that among older adults, binge drinking is positively correlated with greater amounts of alcohol consumption per week and psychological distress as measured by the K6 scale’ (Wiscott et al., 2002) Therefore, I want to find out how likely psychological statues could predict excessive drinking behaviour.
Brian Borsari*, Kate B. Carey (2001) 'Peer influences on college drinking: A review of the research ', Journal of Substance Abuse, 13, pp. 391–424.
The second one is social norms, it is reasonable to believe that our behaviour will be influenced by others’ opinions which include both peers and family members. This journal discussed about individuals’ drinking behaviour in response to drink with people who want to drink heavily and with people who want to drink lightly.

Ailsa Clark, Cathy Tran, Alexander Weiss, Gabriele Caselli, Ana V. Nikčević, Marcantonio M. Spada (2012) 'Personality and alcohol metacognitions as predictors of weekly levels of alcohol use in binge drinking university students ', Addictive Behaviors, 37, pp.
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The survey was conducted in six different languages which include English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese in order to diversify the sample group. This study mainly focused on adults aged 60 and older who consumed alcohol in the past year. Moreover, the results were categorised into six ethnic groups which include Latinos, American Indian, Asians, Blacks, Whites and Others. The dependent variable used in this report was psychological distress which was evaluated through the K-6 scale (Kessler et al., 2002). In addition, experimenter asked participants six questions to identify their psychological distress levels. It ranges from 0 to 24 on the K-6 scale, and scores 13 or higher indicating high risk of psychological distress issues. The independent variable is frequency of binge drinking: (1= binge drank once in the past year, 5 = binge drank weekly or daily in the past year). I think it is necessary to change the original biannual telephone survey to season-based telephone survey, and the age group should be 20 plus rather than 60 plus. Furthermore, groups divided through languages could include French instead of

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