The Regional Food Dhs, Social Security And The Administration Of Affairs

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I heard about the Regional Food DHS, Social Security and the administration of affairs. I lost my first wife to congestive heart failure and my second wife to pancreatic cancer and I was sort of heading down the wrong road and my granddaughter suggested that maybe I should get into church and find out what it’s all about so I did and I had the chance to meet some great people from different parts of Oklahoma and everything else and I fell into hard times so I was directed to go to the social security office and they sent me down to DHS and DHS more or less sent me over here. They said they can help me here. The food bank gave me a nice little perishable box of food and I thought ok they are doing this for me now what can I do for them. That is the reason why I volunteer. I can’t do enough for the Regional Food Bank. I am trying to pay back what they have down to help me through this time. I have been volunteering here almost a month but have been volunteering at life church for over a year and I had a talk with Katie and we are going to put together a life team group to come down and help donate and volunteer. I did not realize how many people here in Oklahoma, Oklahoma County and in our neighborhood that are hungry. My part as little as it is with the help of God and everybody that is working here with our hands we are going to help feed the people and this is something that I am very much now dedicated too now so more than ever. My favorite thing about volunteering is I am…

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