The Reformation And Colonization Of The New World Essay

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The fifteenth trough eighteenth centuries was a time of vast political, social, and cultural changes in world societies, through which the world became more connected, open minded, and free. The political transformations of this time involve revolutionary changes that created growth and opportunities, and spread ideas throughout the world. Although many occurred, the most prevalent of these political changes are the growth of exploration and colonization in the New World, the spread of Enlightenment ideas, and the American Revolution against imperial control. Each of these unique and universal changes led to the eventual creation of a republican government in North America, whose ideas influenced the world. The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries brought political change through the exploration and colonization of the New World. In 1492, Christopher Columbus and his crew sailed from Spain in hopes to find a more efficient trade route to India. Rather, Columbus unknowingly landed in San Salvador ten-weeks later, in October 1492. After Columbus’ discovery, the Spanish persistently returned to the “New World” for the opportunity to transfer previously unknown plants, animals, people and products. Many countries in Europe followed suit in order to compete with Spain, and began to explore and colonize in North America to pursue economic, religious, and political ambitions. England, France and Holland were three of these main competitors. These three countries used a…

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