The Reflection Of A Novel? What Is The Tone Of The Novel '

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Group Discussions/Writing

Write in complete sentences, answering each question fully.

1. What is the tone of the novel? How do you know it is the tone of the novel? Find at least five examples/quotes from the novel that demonstrate the tone, and explain why these quotes develop the tone.
In the first part, the tone of the novel is neutral and a bit mystery. The author does not make much opinion or equivalent towards the slavery’s situation. She sets a tone of frightening silence in this landscape; describes the calm before the racial by let Antoinette just share her thoughts, her emotions to take the journey from Jamaica to imprisonment in Rochester 's house alongside her. Antoinette is allowed to voice her own experience.
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In my opinion, in part one, the language is quite simple. The people, situations and events are presented without explanation because it was told by a child 's memories, Antoinette. However, the mixing tone when she describes the beauty and the rotten of nature differs with my own opinions. I think she just chooses the negative side instead of both, she mentions the convent is “a place of sunshine and of death” (47), “everything was brightness, or dark” (48). If I were forced to live in the constraint life, I would totally have gloomy attitudes toward everything happen around me. Otherwise, Antoinette uses many images of death, which creates a tone of mysterious, such as the horse “was dead and his eyes were black with flies”; “the paths were overgrown and a smell of dead flowers mixed with the fresh living smell” (16). Sometimes I did not want to observe the scenery as Antoinette did when I was sad, I focused on thinking how I can get away from this problem; however, she can easily unburden her …show more content…
Through her description, the world at that time was very complicated. It is impossible for her to live the life of a black West Indian, "everything would be worse if [she] moved" out from her blanket (20). When the family is rejected by English society, Antoinette explains what occurs in the Cosway household: “I got used to a solitary life, but my mother still planned and hoped – perhaps she had to every time she passed a looking glass” (15). Surrounding her is a mixture of complicated situations, from her mother 's madness, her brother 's death, decolonization, racism to the instability of a collapsing family. She is extremely depressed, this affected me a lot. After that, I could feel her isolation when she was isolated in the first day she went to convent school. It is demonstrated through the way she stated her refuge in nature without moving, she “soon forgot about happiness”

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