Essay on The Redstockings Women 's Liberation Group

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The Redstockings women’s liberation group was founded in New York in the 1960s. Redstockings is radical in feminist and women’s liberation theory, and a proponent of the “Personal is Political” ideology, women’s unity, and consciousness. The Redstockings Manifesto is documented as a manifesto because it has defining characteristics that are empowering, declarative, and appeals to the emotion of anger and resentment. Because throughout history in the western world, women have been considered inferior whose only role is to be subservient and submissive to the needs of men. In Manifestoes: Provocations of the Modern Janet Lyon defines the manifesto as the genre of the broken promise and that manifestos teach us about the problems of modernity because they have shaped the modern public sphere. Manifestos have a collective “we” and power found in the rhetorical assertiveness of language and the actuality of “we”, therefore a manifesto is a document of modernity to be used by the people, a definitive “we”. Lyon continues to frame the public sphere as a sphere of culture, technology, science, communication, anonymity, access to information, and male dominated. And because of this, “other’d” bodies find voice through manifestos in the modern public sphere. When women, especially, try to locate themselves within a manifesto in radical theory it has been difficult since manifestos have disregarded femininity and womanhood alongside the truth that “we talked for a really long…

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