The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich Essay

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Personal bonds between individuals are some of the most important things people have and cherish in life. These bonds hold people together in times of strength and of weakness. Some of the most important bonds are of those between family members. In the short story, the Red Convertible, by Louise Erdrich, there is a brotherly bond between two Native American brothers. This story is meant to show the reader how tight bonds really are and how different objects and events can symbolize the bond. The bond in this story is the personal bond between brothers Lyman and Henry. The two brothers invested their money into an old red convertible car. By purchasing the car together, it is like two halves coming together to one piece and the beginning of a lifelong bond. Over that summer, Lyman and Henry took that convertible state to state, all while building up the strong bond between them. By building up their bond while spending time with the car, it is having the car symbolize their bond. “Some people hang on to details when they travel, but we didn’t let them bother us and just lived our everyday lives here to there”(394). The car became a part of their bond. The older brother Henry was drafted into the military where he served as a Marine until he was captured by the Vietnam soldiers and was a prisoner of war for several years. During his time away, the old red convertible was mainly up on blocks and being worked on by Lyman. The car in this section of the story symbolizes…

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