The Red Badge Of Courage Essay

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The brilliant author Stephen Crane was one of the greatest authors and poets of the late 1800’s. Crane an excellent novelist and poet created many books and poems to create a very impressive resume. This was a result of an interesting background, literary works, view on war, poems, word use, and writing style. All of which are the contribute to why Crane was one of the greatest authors in American history.
Stephen Crane had a very eventful life as an author; he was a husband, war reporter, comedian, and poet. His parents wrote articles for their church and both of his brothers were writers (Harriet Blog). Crane began writing early on in his life as a comic writer for his brothers news company (Solomon 1). He fit his role perfectly because of his great use of irony within his work. He eventually left college to work for his brother full time before publishing his
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In his most famous war novel The Red Badge of Courage it is meant to portray the struggles and emotions one faces in war. A few of these struggles and emotions are fear, courage, pride, and humility which are shown through his main character Henry Fleming (Harriet Blog). The Red Badge of Courage was only one of his most famous writings through the rest were Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, The Open Boat, The Blue Hotel, and A Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (Harriet Blog). Maggie: A Girl of the Streets was his first novel ever to be published, and was self-published by Crane himself. This was due to the lack of interest from other publishers and resulted in his continuance of writing due to the success of the book. The next successful, and possibly the most successful, novel he published was The Red Badge of Courage. In it and other war stories, Crane mentions primitive courage which is actually trying to describe the adrenaline that kicks in during a battle and how it gives you courage just off of instincts (Crane

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